One Photo - One Country Directory

 Argentina - The Uber Experience

Australia - The old man and the kids

Austria - An Olympic Surprise

Bahamas - Not what I expected

Belgium - Lost in the middle of the night

Brazil - A last minute trip

Bulgaria -- Why not?

Canada - The Wrong Choice

Chile - The Generosity of Strangers

China - Tea for Three

Colombia - A Chance Connection

Costa Rica - A Day of Adventure

Democratic Republic of the Congo - A short stay

Denmark -- Run for the Border

Dominican Republic - Drinking in an Unexpected Place

Ecuador - Not Long Enough

France - The Ugly American

Germany  - Watching History Happen

Greece - A Tale of Two Trips

Guam - Why am I here?

Guatemala - A Vintage Experience

Holy See (Vatican City) - Its Who You Know

Hong Kong -- The Wrong Decision

Iceland - Group Dynamics

India - An Unwelcome Helping Hand

Indonesia - Too Tall

Ireland - Living next door to Guinness 

Italy - A Day in the Park

Japan - A very Memorable Birthday

Kenya - Lots of Love

Latvia - Making Friends

Mexico  - Crashing Two Weddings

Monaco - Dressing Down

Morocco - The Party Place

Netherlands - Cultural Clash

New Zealand - Hangover at 15,000 Feet

Palau - Losing Control

Panama - Taking a Break

Paraguay - A Surprising Reason to Visit

Peru - Are you a Man?

Portugal - Getting Lost

Philippines - Just a Pinch

Puerto Rico - Not According to Plan

Qatar - Stuck in the Desert

Romania - Two hours in a Taxi

Russia - Do You Charge by the Hour?

Samoa - I Didn't Do It!

Spain - No Where to Go

South Africa - The Secret View

Sweden - An Island Cottage

Switzerland - A Facebook Surprise

Taiwan - An Unexpected Pleasure

Thailand - What Was I Thinking?

Tonga - When You Teach A Man to Fish

Turkey - The Street Food Experience

Ukraine - A Cold Night During the Cold War

United Arab Emirates - Lunch Inside a Toilet Stall

United Kingdom - Stuffing Before Dinner

Vietnam - The Family Connection

Zambia - My Biggest Travel Scare

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