Ireland - Living next door to Guinness


For the past six years, I've done a lot of traveling with the TV program "Peruanos en el Mundo."  When we travel, we find Peruvians who live in the city where we are visiting.  This has a lot of benefits.  We get to have a local take us to their favorite spots and we get to meet some really nice people.

That was the case in Ireland when we visited in August, 2017.    Patricia Guerra is a Peruvian living in Dublin with her Italian boyfriend Bernardo Napoletano.   Patricia was a wonderful tour guide and since we were in Ireland, the tour included a stop at Dame Tavern, a local Irish Pub for a pint (or two) of  Guinness Beer.

The pubs in Ireland are friendly, lively spots and are often the meeting places of the neighborhood.   Bernardo met us at the pub and we all got caught up in the warm atmosphere.

Bernardo Napoletano, Patricia Guerra, Steve Hunsicker and Roberto Pazos in Dublin, Ireland

Patricia told us that she likes to paint and invited us back to their house to see some of her work.  (It's quite good.)  When we arrived, it turned out that they live right next door to the Guinness Brewery.   We were treated to a view of thousands of kegs of Guinness all stacked up and ready for delivery   (You can see the view from their balcony at 9:01 in the video clip below.) 

But the real treat was inside.   Roberto and Patricia started talking about "Peruvian Hospitality."   Bernardo took that as a challenge to show us "Italian Hospitality."  He headed to the kitchen and in no time, we were being treated to delicious antipasto washed down with some Irish liquor.  

The food was great, the drinks were great and I especially enjoyed the company.  

When I think back on my visit, I usually remember Patricia and Bernardo and the wonderful hospitality they showed to us.  It was a really fun day and a great way to experience Ireland.


One other note, I made a "cameo" in this episode of "Peruanos en el Mundo."  You can see me playing the part of a patient at 17:09 in the clip below.

Dates of Travel

  • August, 2017

Places Visited

  • Dublin




This post is part of my series "One Photo - One Country."  I'm am selecting one photo and writing one story from every country I have visited.   Your comments and questions are welcome.  

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