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I'm a storyteller, a SCUBA diver and an adventurer.   I've had many amazing experiences and I've documented many of those.  The challenge has always been how to present a lifetime of photos, written stories and videos in a concise way.

One Photo - One Country

The biggest challenge is photos.   I've been taking photos since I received my first camera at 8 years of age.  I have THOUSANDS of photos and I've kept everyone.   So instead of trying to do a chronological collection of my favorites, I challenged myself to find JUST ONE PHOTO from every country that I have visited.   That means selecting just 65 or so photos.    Hopefully you will enjoy traveling the world with me.   I tried to explain each photo and in some cases why I selected that particular picture.  

Peace Corps Stories

I did most of my writing during my two years of Peace Corps service in Tonga.  I challenged myself to write at least one post a week.  I achieved my goal.  Those stories appear here as they were written.    I later compiled them into a book available on Amazon.    And I shared my experiences about Tonga in another book collaboration with some of my fellow volunteers.

SCUBA Videos

I have hundreds of videos but most are probably not interesting to most.  For this project, I'm sharing just m SCUBA diving videos including my volunteer work with Veterans Ocean Adventure working with adaptive divers.

Peruanos en el Mundo

In 2015, I started helping my friend Roberto Pazos with his TV Program "Peruanos en el Mundo."  We travel the world to find people from Peru who live in other countries.  They share their experiences with us and show us the country where they now live.

History Lessons

My grandfather, John Macfarlan loved to tell stories. He also loved history.   Every week, at his church in downtown Miami, he would tell history stories.    All of his stories were researched and handwritten.  I thought it was important to preserve his work by putting in online with the help of my Aunt, Miriam Herin.

Media Interviews

I spent most of my life in TV News.  Over the course of a 23 year career, I often found myself on the "other side" of the microphone.   That continued into my Peace Corps service and my work afterwards for Peace Corps.   These clips were organized when I was under consideration for a Press Director job, a job which I ended up not taking.  

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