Costa Rica - A Day of Adventure

Traveling with a TV program can be a lot of work.   But it can also be a lot of fun.  We get to do things that we probably would not do if we were traveling on vacation.

In May, 2016 what I thought was going to be a typical shoot for "Peruanos en el Mundo" turned into a day of adventure.

Roberto Pazos and I left the capital city of San Jose early in the morning.  We had met a Peruvian couple who offered to drive us into the Costa Rican jungle near the town of Turrialba.   The drive itself was very nice.  We even saw an active volcano spewing smoke as we headed east from San Jose.  Turrialba is in the middle of the country about half way between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. 

Our new friends dropped us a Exploranatura, an eco-tourism company owned by another Peruvian named Ronald Bottger.   His eco-resort is on the side of a mountain. When we pulled up, we saw a man riding a horse with a young boy.    It turned out to be Ronald and his son.   Ronald showed us around, offering us fresh bananas and showing us the rafts they use for white-water rafting.  He then told us to "suit up" for an adventure in the jungle.

Steve Hunsicker and Roberto Pazos "suit up" for adventure

The "suiting up" meant putting on safety harnesses that we would use throughout the rest of the day.  We hiked up into the jungle, taking turns on the rope bridges and then the zip line.   My personal favorite was rappelling down a waterfall.  (Video below.)

We hiked, we got wet, we saw wild animals.  It was an amazing day of adventure.   

I've also posted below the "Peruanos en el Mundo" episode we shot.  It's worth watching just to see the beautiful scenery, even if you don't know Spanish.   It's the first story in the show.  

In Costa Rica, they often say "pura vida."   It literally translates as "pure life."  But it really describes a way of life.   Enjoy life, everything's great!   I can't think of a better way to describe our day of adventure than "pura vida."  

We finished the day by toasting some Imperial beer before rejoining our friends and heading back to the city.

Dates of Travel

  • May, 2016  

Places Visited

  • San Jose
  • Turrialba




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