Peace Corps Tonga Videos

Here are some videos about Peace Corps volunteers in Tonga.  I hope you enjoy watching them.

Tonga Development Bank Video

For the past several months, I’ve been working on a video for the Tonga Development Bank.  This video will air on television throughout the Kingdom and will also be shown at future bank workshops.  It is designed to promote the bank’s “Business Advisory Service”, which is the area where I work.  On Wednesday of this week, it was shown publicly for the first time at a bank workshop in Neiafu.  Tongans watching TDB Video in Neiafu

The project turned out to be a lot harder than I expected.  I produced the entire 10 minute video in Tongan.  In order to make the video work, I wrote down the questions in English and those were translated to Tongan.  Once the interviews were finished, I had someone translate the transcript of the interviews into English and from that I wrote the script.  The bank approved the final script in English, then it was translated for me back into Tongan.

Even though I worked in TV News for 23 years, video editing was never one of the things I did.  Since I’ve been in Tonga, I’ve taught myself the basics of editing on a computer.  But this project was even more complicated because I had to make sure the video matched the Tongan script.  Thankfully, I had a Tongan-English dictionary to help.

Once the video was finished, I then cut an English version of the video so that I could share it here online.   In every case, the Tongan script was longer than the English translation so the English version is not as tight as the Tongan version.  The English version will only be seen here so a lot more effort when into the Tongan version.  (The Tongan version can be seen at for those of you who are curious or for the very few of you reading this who might actually understand it.)

Here’s the English version. 

Tonga Development Bank from Steve Hunsicker on Vimeo.

Farewell Janis

This video I produced for my friend Janis, who has completed her Peace Corps service.  She took the video back to the USA to show her family and friends what she has been doing for the last two years.  Hopefully it will also provide an insight into our lives as volunteers here in Vava’u.

Janis Martin's Life in Peace Corps Tonga from Steve Hunsicker on Vimeo.

Team Teaching

My friend Saskia put together this video for Peace Corps.  It will be used to show the concept of team teaching to the future volunteers in Tonga who are currently in training.  (I shot some of the video, but not all of it).

Direct Link:

Science Fair

At the end of September, I shot and edited a science fair competition that was held between the five high schools here in Vava’u.  This program aired on the local Vava’u TV station.  I didn’t do much except cut it down to 30 minutes, but it might give you an idea of students and their studies here in Tonga.  It is all in English but the audio can be hard to understand at times.

Vava'u Tonga Science Fair from Steve Hunsicker on Vimeo.

I’m also working on a video about my own service and one for my friend Shannon.  I will post those when they are finished. 

And in case you are a newer reader of this blog, you might be interested in a video my friend Scot and I put together last year for Peace Corps.  That video was sent by Peace Corps Washington to the people who are now training to become future volunteers in Tonga.

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