Hanging with Group 74

I got to spend Saturday hanging out on a boat with the Peace Corps trainees who are scheduled to become volunteers next month.   They have been training here in Vava'u for the past month.

It was a big day for them.  Just before the boat trip, they got their site assignments, meaning they now know where they will live for the next two years.   We've all been wondering who will end up in Vava'u and we got our answer on Saturday as well.

Future Vava'u Peace Corps Volunteers

Here are the newest members of Team Vava'u along with some of the current volunteers.  these are the people with whom I'll be spending the next year of my service.

Steve, Sarah, Saskia, Scott, Stan, Group 74 Trainees coming to Vava'u with current volunteers.  Bronzie, James, Jenny, Katie, Paea,Regina, Chad

The new trainees who will be in Vava'u are Saskia, Scott, Bronzie, Jenny, Katie, Regina and Chad.

We started our day with a visit to Mariners Cave, this is the cave whose entrance is below sea level.  You have to dive down to get inside.   It's the third time I've been inside, but this was the first time I've done it at high tide.   Several of the trainees came inside as well.

After that, we went to Swallow's Cave.  Swallow's is a big cave, large enough for our boat to get inside.  (We were on a 40 person whale watching boat).

Steve and Sarah in Swallows Cave

For Sarah, this will be her last visit to the cave.  She will complete her service in a few weeks.  However, she decided to take a big leap for her last visit.  Climbing up and then jumping into the water below.  While it might look like she's hanging in mid-air, she was on her way down when I snapped the photo.

Sarah jumps in Swallows Cave

The water is plenty deep, probably at least 50 feet so even though she jumped a long way, there was plenty of water to cushion her jump.   It's also a spectacular site because there is a second entrance to the cave at the bottom which illuminates the ocean floor below.

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  1. I was a Peace Corps volunteer on Eua from 1983-1984. We visited Mariners Cave and it was one our high lights of our 2 year stay. My wife and I got married upon our return to the states on June 22, 1985. We no live in La Crescent Minnesota, have 4 children, 3 of which are in college. I would go back in a flash to Tonga.

    Peter and Cheryl Franta

  2. I look forward to going back to Tonga and it's been less than two years since I left. 'Eua is a cool island and I got to visit there three times during my time theree.

  3. I glad you visit my beautiful island