Case Closed

"I was poisoned". That's the official verdict from the Peace Corps Medical office in Washington, DC about the problems I've had with my arm over the past week. This means I am no longer have to take a trip to Brisbane, Australia and I have no need for any further medical attention. After reviewing the symptoms I believe this is probably a proper diagnosis. I was probably suffering from Ciguatera Fish poisoning, Paralytic Shellfish poisoning or Scombroid Fish Poisoning.

A week ago today I had lunch at the Catholic Basilica and ate fried tuna. Within two hours I started to feel bad. I left work early and did not work on Friday. I did not eat again until Saturday morning, which is when I woke up unable to use my arm. I had numbness in the fingers on both hands and also had numbness on my tongue. What's strange about the illness is that I never threw up which is the first thing I always associate with food poisoning.

It's scary to me to think how much poison I must have ingested for it to still be impacting me a week later. Last week was not the first time I had eaten at the restaurant at the Catholic Basilica. And it probably was not anyone's fault that I got sick there. All three of the poisons mentioned above are impossible to detect and the fish comes out of the water that way.

***Other News***

The New York Times has an op/ed piece about the Peace Corps which is worth a read. Here's the Permalink to the article.

Many thanks to everyone for all the e-mails you sent to me this week offering your support. They have meant a lot to me.

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