A Serious Problem

I woke up early Saturday morning, reached for my water bottle and discovered I did not have the strength to pick it up. This was my first indication that something had happened to my left arm. On Monday, a doctor diagnosed that I had just 1/5 of my normal strength in my arm. Peace Corps is now sending me to Brisbane, Australia for a complete exam. If the problem does not improve or can’t be quickly corrected, this will be the end of my Peace Corps service.

The good news is that my arm is much improved today (Tuesday) and I’m a lot more optimistic that whatever happened is going to be correctable. I was able to lift my arm over my head this morning and while it is a struggle, am able to use my fingers to type these few words.

I do not want to leave, but getting use of my arm back is clearly a lot more important in the big scheme of things. I am hoping that it will continue to improve each day and I’ll be back in Tonga soon.

Jason, a member of my training group, was just medically separated this weekend. He is the first from our group of 33 to leave and we are all going to miss him.

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