Three Weeks

Three weeks from today I will officially begin my journey to Tonga to start my Peace Corps training. It has now been a year since I first applied to volunteer. I can't wait to get started. I actually couldn't be happier about the way things have worked out so far with the process. While the application process was long and frustrating, it has been great to have so much time since receiving my invitation before I depart. I was originally scheduled to leave in early June, but due to a cancellation of the June program to Tonga, I was able to have almost five months to get ready. It's been four months since I stopped working and I can honestly say there has not been a single day where I was bored or looked back and wished I was still in television. I've also had a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends and to take some great trips. It's also given me time to get my personal affairs in order.

I will leave West Palm Beach on September 30th for Los Angeles where I will have a couple of days of training and then it is on to Tonga. So far, I've had contact with four people from my group and am anxiously looking forward to meeting the others.

According to the latest information I've received from the Peace Corps, "access to email should be available—albeit not necessarily at all times". In addition, it describes phone service as reliable but pricy. However, I may not have phone access during my 10 weeks of in-country training. Letters and packages can be sent to me at the following address:

Steve Hunsicker, PCT
Peace Corps
P.O. Box 147
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
South Pacific

It may take four to six weeks for something to get to me. That means if you mail something today, I will already be in Tonga when it arrives. Care packages are always welcome!! The Peace Corps recommends that mail be send in envelopes or padded envelopes if possible as boxes tend to be taxed and opened more frequently.

In case you are wondering, the "PCT" after my name stands for "Peace Corps Trainee". Once I complete my training, I will then be considered a "PCV" or "Peace Corps Volunteer".

In just ten days I'm going back to Virginia for a few days to say good-bye to my sisters and their families. I'm then coming back to Florida with Mom and Dad who are going to spend the final six days with me and take me to the airport.

Stay tuned…the adventure begins very soon!!

'Alu a! (Good-bye in Tongan)


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  1. Hi Steve!
    Congrats on this making this exciting adventure happen! I'm looking forward to reading and learning all about your experience, which is sure to be life-changing. Thanks for sharing it with us! Steven

  2. Hi Steven:

    Nice to hear from you. Come visit me in Tonga if you can pull yourself away from Cancun.