Guess where I'm going??

Tonight, I got home to catch up on my regular blog reading and found several people who are leaving for FIJI on the 23rd of MAY. I'm guessing that means I won't be going there since I don't leave until June. I'm probably spending way too much time trying to figure out where I will be sent, but I am enjoying it. I'm learning a lot about what it is like to be in the Peace Corps and realize that many others have the same thoughts and concerns that I have.

Here's a quote that I found tonight on Matt's Peace Corps Adventure.

Man, just when u thought it was gonna get easier i totally read over all my paperwork for my invitation to FIJI.... The red tape and essays and resumees never end..~!!!!!I need to now file a new updated resumee for my in country officers to check out, and answer a 5 part essay about what i am plan on getting out of this experience, ect ect... Guess i had better get used to it huh.. Its not that hard, just one more thing on my plate.. :)For anyone thinking of getting into the Peace Corps, just know, that you will never be done filling out paperwork, filling out forms, getting medically probed and prodded and writing ssays or statements!!!!

He seems to have the same feelings I have had recently. The good news is that while my doctor doesn't work on Thursday, the nurse was there and she wrote new orders to have my blood work done. The lab told me the results should be back tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I will really be done with my medical application. Of course, I have to get the results from my doctor and not from the lab, so that could delay matters.

There are just six countries in the Pacific Islands with Active Peace Corps programs. There is always a chance that my program could be a start-up. Here are actual departure dates I've found on various blogs.

Tonga -- October 25, 2006
Samoa -- October 14, 2006
Fiji -- May 23, 2007
Kiribati -- October, 2006
Micronesia/Palau -- September 6, 2006 (Also September 6, 2005)
Vanuatu -- June 11, 2003, June 14, 2006 (Also September 22, 2006)

So what does this mean? I'm guessing that the larger programs have more than one departure date each year. The June departure for Vanuatu could be my program. If you remember, I originally thought I was going to Vanuatu but then saw the September date. The Vanuatu program is the largest according to the PC web site with 88 current volunteers. If that is the case, it is possible they do two programs a year. And the training for the June group would be done by mid-September so that could work.

My best guess is now Vanuatu...and they list a business development program. The Peace Corps also has its own Vanuatu Web Site. And on that site, Only in Vanuatu is a must-read.

So what's my best guess? Vanuatu. Hopefully I'll soon know if I'm right.

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  1. Never went to Vanuatu. As you'll see later in the blog, I spent two years in Tonga, which was great. Now back in the USA.