Finally...Some News!!!

I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call today from my recruiter, Tricia. She said she had called the head person in the medical office and asked him to review my file. He did that and then sent me the following e-mail.

Mr. Hunsicker,

I have finished a review of your application that you submitted using an outdated form rather than the current form provided with your medical kit. We unfortunately therefore do not have a complete application.

Please provide a copy of the results of your Hepatitis B surface antigen, Hepatitis B core antibody, Hepatitis C serology & G6PD titers. These tests are required for all applicants. There are a variety of tests that can be performed for Hepatitis B. Insist that these required tests are obtained. There are no substitutes.

We require that you provide us with documentation of past or current Td - Tetanus/diphtheria (submitted with your application and current), OPV/IPV - Polio and MMR - Measles, Mumps & Rubella immunizations. Please obtain copies of this information for your personal safekeeping and review of correctness and completeness before personally faxing copies to 202-692-1561. This invariably prevents unnecessary delays in receiving the required information.

If this is all that is required, I feel GREAT about my application. I sent him an e-mail tonight telling him that I have made a doctors appointment for March 26th to have the shots and bloodwork done. I also asked him to confirm that this was the only outstanding issue with my application.

I may try to see if I can find someone else to give me the shots sooner and order the lab work. I'm assuming that once that is done, I should be good to go. If I can't get this done sooner, then I probably won't be able to send the paperwork to them until March 28th...that's two weeks away.

Oh in case you were wondering about the reference to the outdated form...I had to download the forms from the Internet because it took a month for the paperwork to arrive and I had already set up all my medical appointments. Tricia told me the delay was because they were changing the form. That sounds like the government!!

My other good company paid out the year-end bonuses today. If I had resigned before getting that, I would have lost the bonus as that is our policy.

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