Another Two Weeks

It's been exactly two weeks since my last conversation with anyone at the Peace Corps. That meant it was time today for my bi-weekly round of phones calls. I got voice mail when I called both my recruiter, Tricia and the Medical officer, Dennis. Tricia was the first to call back saying that, NO, she didn't have any news but that she really thinks I should hear something soon. She said if I didn't hear back from the medical office, to let her know and she would follow up personally. A while later, Dennis called back and left a voice mail that no one has looked at my file yet and repeated what he said two weeks ago, that they were backed up but that someone should be looking at it soon.

This time, neither Tricia or Dennis said to call back in two weeks but both told me to stay in contact with them. Tricia says she checks my file every couple of days because there should be some action soon.

Even though I don't know anything yet, I did give my dog to Mom and Dad on Monday since they probably will not be back in Florida until after I leave. It's pretty lonely without "Lady". And somehow it makes leaving seem a bit more real. I know they will take good care of her while I'm away and she'll probably get more attention than I could have given her. It's not permanent. If I don't get into the Peace Corps for some reason, Lady will be back here very quickly.

It was nice to spend time with Mom and Dad. We were at St. George Island in North Florida for the past few days. I also got a chance to see a couple of friends of mine from Tallahassee who drove down for a visit on Sunday. I told them of my plans to join the Peace Corps. I think my friend Tim didn't believe me at first but was very supportive once he realized I was serious. I suspect I will get that reaction from others as I expand the list of people who know of my plans.

I don't intent to tell anyone else until I know something more concrete, however, it is increasingly difficult to not know exactly what will be happening. Today I had a conversation with someone at work about something that could happen in November and another about our plans for Hurricane Season. It was tough to have that conversation knowing that if the Peace Corps accepts me, I will be a long way away from West Palm Beach this November and that the only hurricanes I'll be worrying about will be in the South Pacific.

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