Ulysses Simpson Hiram Grant

Born in Point Pleasant, Ohio.Graduate West PointServed in Mexican War.Resigned ArmyEngaged infarming near St. Louis, MO. Grant Fram--Log CabinReturned to Illinois and worked as a clerk in his fathers leather goods store.Begin Civil Ware--Commissioned a Colonel of Volunteers.Soon Promoted to Brigadier General and After his troops captured several confereerate Forsts on the Mississippi Rivber he was promoted to Major General.Won victories for North. Capturing Vicksburg, MISS,j opened jriver all way of New Orleans LA for the North.Won important Battles at Chattanooga, Tennessee. Congress than passed a bill reviving the rank of Lt. General and Grant was appointed to Commander in Chief of all Norhern Armies.All of his victories had been in West. Came East to test his mettle against General JRobert E. Lee and his thin gray line that had defeated every union army that moved toward Richmond, Virginia. Capital of Confererate Statesof America.Took command in Spring of 1864, moved South toward Richmond.Lee struck Grants Army at Wilderness, three day battlewaged back and forth thru dense forest and underbrush. Both Armies lost heavily.Grant tried to manevuer around Lee's army but wherever he moved, Lee with his Army always stood between him and Richmond. jSpottslvania, Fredericksburg. Grant moved to left. Day after Day same, fight it out on this line if it takes all summer. Man of Determination.Finally, all way round richmond and set up line at Petersburg and for nine months Armies faced one another finally string broke. Lee Surrendered one year and one month from day Grant took charge.Three years later nomiated and electd President of the U.S. for two terms. Statue stands in Hall of Fame in Washington.Gift from and paid for his comrades in Armes, Grand army of the Republic.

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