James Garfield

How many from Ohio?Nicknamed the Buckeye State. Admitted into the United States in 1803, 171 years ago.Timothy Dwight, President of Yale College opposed statehood for Ohio. He said that Ohio was peopled with Backwoodsmen and rought necks and should not be accepted into civilized society.But this state has produced 7 presidents. ONly one less than Virginia with eight.It is about one of the seven Presidents I am going to talk about today.His statue stands in the Hall of Game in the Capital. Can you name him?James A. Garfiled What Happened to Garfield? Assassinated.How many of our President shave been assassinated? Four--Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy.Attempt made on Franklin D. Roosevelt after he had been elected but before being sworn in. Bayfront Park?Mayor Cermak of Chicago who was riding in the car with FDR was killed.Garfield, born in a log cabin, self educated. Cuy'a'hoga County Ohio. Served as President of Hiram College. State Senator, Civicl War General with a fine war record. Congressman 18 years. Elected to U.S. Senate and soon thereafter was nominated and elected President.Inaugurated President March 4 and on July 2nd, in the train station preparing to go on a trip he was shot by Charles J. Guiteau, a disappointed office seeker. (Civil Service extablished two years later.)Someone handed me a sheet of paper this is headed up "Something to Live for". I want to read it to you."When President James A. Garfield was a young man, someone placed in his hand one day a printed slip, and he carried the skip with him all his life. It had the following sentences:Make Few promises.Always speak the truth.Never speak evil of anyone.Keep good company or none.Never play games of chance.Drink no intoxicating drinks.Good character is above everything else.Keep your own secrets, if you have any.Never borrow, if you can possibly avoid it.Do no marry until you are able to support a wife.Keep yourself honest, if you would be happy.Weh you speak to a person, look into his eys.Make no haste to be rich, if you would prosper.Live within your income.Save when you are young, to spend when you are old.Never run into debt, unless you see a way out again.Good company and good conversation are the signs of virtue.Your character cannot be seriously hurt except by your own acts.If anybody speaks evil of you, let your life be so that no one will believe it.When you retire at night, think overwhat you have been doing during the day.Never be idle.If your hands can't be employed usefully, attend to the culture of your mind."
James A. Garfield kept all of these rules. He deserved to be President.

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