Benjamin Franklin

Statue ordered by Congress before Hall of Fame was Started. 1706-1790. (84) Born Boston, Mass. 8-1- Schooking 10-12 Candlemaker 12 yrs PrinterRan away to Philadelphia PA. Worked as Printer. Established his own printing business. Newspaper Publisher, Poor Richard Almanac. In addition to being printer he was an editor/Publisher, businessman, financier, economist, teacher of thrift, scientist, educator, philanthropist, soldier, inventor, patriot, diplomat, postmaster, postmaster general. Signer of Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Just to give you a little information on this most extrordinary and amazing man.Invented old fashioned iron stove, Bifocal Glasses, cooper roofs for hourses, dampers for chimneys. Long pole used in stores to reach items on top shelves. Responsible for paving and lighting streets. Formed First Library. First Volunteer Fire Department, first Fire insurance Company, First Postmaster General. Organized Philadelphia Militia for Porotection against Indians.Organized and first President of oldest University, University of Pennsylvania. Here is Benjamin Franklin recommendation for every home: "A good Newspaper and Bible in every house, a good school house in every neighborhood, all appreciated as they deserve, are the chief support of virtue, morality, civil liberty, and religion."The words were spoken about 200 years ago. They are as true today as they were then.Where are my horses.(THIS IS SECOND LESSON ON FRANKLIN OR CONTINUATION OF FIRST)In the Hall of Fame in Washington stands the statue of one of our founding fathers. His Name is Benjamin Franklin, one of the great men in our early history. Many historians feel that this man was the greatest man produced by our revolution that gave us our freedom from the British Empire.Although some historians still claim that George Washington is the man who should rank first in the list of our founding fathers, This is a hard choice to make. As both men contributed so much to our drive to freedom. Washington gave tremendous service as the leader of the armies that survived such terrific hardships on their way to victory and freedom. Without the firm hand and tremendous will power of the general of the Armies there was little chance of success.To match Washington's gtreatness, Benjamin Franklin had tremendous success in moulding popular support and his remarkable success as a diplomat to France where he was able to secure funds and finally armed forces to assist the colonies in their bid for freedom. The accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin read like a character right out of a story book. Here are some of the details of his full and eventfull life. From age 8 to 10, in School, 10-12 Candlemaker- 12-17 apprentice Printer. At age of 17 he ran away from his home in Boston and came to Philadelphia which became his home until his death at the age of 84. During his life in Philadelphia he worked as a printer. Then established his own printing business, became newspaper publisher, also published Poor Richards Almanac. He was a successful businessman, financier, economist, Teacher of Thrift, scientist, educator, philanthropist, soldier, patriot, diplomat, postmaster, postmaster general, Governor of Pennsylvania, Member of the committee that brought forth the Declaration of Independence, Signer of that document also member of the Constitution Convention that adopted our Constitution.Franklin was also an inventor, some of his inventions were bifocal glasses, old fashioned iron stove, Chimney dampers, long poles used in stores to lift packates off tall shelves. Also made scientific Experiences. Lightning. Formed the first Library and First volunteer Fire Department. Franklin organized the first fire insurance company in America. He organized and was a member of the Philadelphia militia Company that protected the colony from Indians. Organizer and President of the Oldest University in the New World, University of Pennsylvania.It was as the Minister to France taht hehad his greatest success. He was an old man, but his charm and wit touched the hearts of the French People and he remained in France for 7 years, getting money, arms, and finally military and navy support that assisted in driving the British out of the colonies that made up Colonial America.Benjamin Franklin's statue in the Hall of Fame was commissioned in 1863 by House and Senate, a year before the Congress voted to establish the Hall of Fame so the imposing statue of this grand old man stands proudly amoung the many statues of worthy men who represent the 50 states of our country.Here is the recommendation Franklin made for every home: "A good Newspaper and a Bible in every house, a good school house in every district and a church in every neighborhood. All, Appreciated as they deserve to be, as the chief support of virtue, morality, civil liberty and religion".Story about his Horses.

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