A Little Apprehension

The next thing I'm expecting in the mail from the Peace Corps is an invitation to a specific program. I expect that will happen once my medical clearance is approved. Tonight, I had a little apprehension when I opened my mailbox and inside was a very small envelope from the Peace Corps.

I immediately remembered my days of applying to college. You knew that if you got a big envelope from a school, it meant you got in, if you got a small envelope, it meant "Thanks but no Thanks".

I haven't thought a lot about what would happen if I don't get accepted but it is something you can't help but consider. The Peace Corps turns down something like 1/2 of the people who apply so it would not be unusual.

As I headed inside, I couldn't wait to open the envelope. Was this a rejection I wondered? After setting down my other mail (and giving my dog her nightly treat) I opened the envelope to find a single page letter.

The letter simply told me I had received my dental clearance. Of course, I already knew that from e-mail and the Peace Corps web site.

Now that I got that letter, I won't worry too much when I get the next one.

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